Boston also lost to Houston

NEW YORK. Basketball New Orleans on Tuesday, a surprisingly checking with the best teams overseas NBA Los Angeles Lakers on the floorboards 116 105, but a day later found beaten. Within štvorzápasovej series playgrounds visitors visited in Utah and the definite triumph of 116: 90 confirmed the huge domestic power. In the first quarter still had top guests, but won the second high-Jazz 29:13 and the end of the meeting have just increased their lead. The biggest difference between the two teams was in the rebound when the home in this way gained 55 balls, while the Hornets only 26thThe first New Orleans center Tyson Chandler even racked up only four rebounds. “Getting here was not the super lightweight, but follows it in the NBA works. You have to try to gain an advantage even of such situations,” said helmsman Utah Jerry Sloan. “In this fight we had a little more energy and we played with more commitment than your opponent what has brought us a well-deserved victory, “said coach Paul Millsap.

Lakers lost the harvested quickly and Oakland beat Golden State 114: 106, in particular when shone pivot Spanish Pau Gasol (33 points and 18 rebounds). “After the missed match I always try to play at the next best and aggressively.Against the Warriors have a perfectly scroll through ball and premieňali shares. We used our strengths, “he said one of the leaders minulosezónneho unsuccessful finalist.

From unexpected lost, unlike the Lakers players not recovered to Boston. After hesitation in Charlotte (106 114 after extra time) Celtics stumbled at home against Houston (85:89). While guests boarded without pauzujúceho Tracy McGrady. “During the last time out you could see the faces of our players, feel that we lose on our own floorboards. Angered them that and that’s good,” said coach Celtics Doc Rivers.

In close second at the Boston players are already Orlando.Magic won on soil Atlanta 106 102 despite great efforts Hawks to reverse in the last quarter and approached the then reigning champion in contrast to a single victory. First place in Profiliga simultaneously occupy the LA Lakers and Cleveland. The Cavaliers on Wednesday as expected uniquely consult Charlotte 111: 81st LeBron James et al. still they remain the only team in the competition, that the house has not even once played. Results NBA – Wednesday