Czechs are looking for EURO. Who has not met the expectations yet?

Two matches, one point, but one of the most striking game played by Czech footballers at the European Championship in France. Vrb’s team awaits a match against Turkey on Tuesday, and if they do not win, they are likely to say goodbye to the tournament. Which of the Czech footballers, according to the Sport daily, has not yet convinced?

Quick penetrations on the wing, dangerous centers to the opponent’s lime. The weapon, which Pavel Kadeřábek “sold” to Hoffenheim in Bundesliga, has not used the European Championship yet. In the first match with Spain (0: 1) it was still quite understandable. Pavel Vrba’s free bet online coach had defensive tasks. Still, he was better off to get Andres Iniestu to the goal center. Death was also his first half with Croatia.He began to play more actively after the break.

His side was in the lead EURO duel with a finished motorway. It was enough for David Silva, Juanfran or some of the midfielders to step up and David Limbersky did not miss. Sports coach and expert Martin Hašek criticized him for being overweight. The Pilsner defender did not agree with that. It has improved slightly against Croatia, blocking four centers. Still, Marcelo Brozovich had a good run. Limbersky had to help with the wrong one three times.

An experienced player, which Pavel Vrba relies on. But his gross mistake in the match with Croatia significantly undermined the self-esteem of the Czech selection, and he was happily rescuing the point in the last minute. Playsil can see that he is not a typical defensive midfielder.He is a technician, so he likes to love the balloon rather than give it away from his leg. In addition, the fast rival does not move. It was against Croatia that there was a hole between the Plachil and the trackers.

Typical shooter, goal player. Many similar attributes are reminiscent of the fans when they say this name. But even David Lafata does not stop the age, he has slowed down significantly over the years. Sparta has already recognized it and online bet did not build it in the main leagues of the European League. Against Croatia, Lafata was unimpressive, losing air fights, failing to reach the end.

In the duel, the Spaniards participated in the winning goal. “I should have made Piquy better,” he said