Kuzminovo waiting on Saturday the Defense bronze MS

Ruhpolding. At the Biathlon World Championships in Ruhpolding, Germany awaits racers extremely busy weekend.

On Saturday, they are on the Sprint men’s and women’s 10 km to 7.5 km and are scheduled for Sunday fighter men’s and women’s 12.5 km to 10 km.

Degrees of last year’s championship in Russia’s Khanty-Mansiisk will defend the sprint domestic German Arnd Peiffer and Magdalena Neunerová, the fighter is úradujúcimi world champions Frenchman Martin Fourcade and Kaisa Makarainen of Finland.

The speed race is Slovak Representative Anastasia Kuzminová, he starts on the role of defense lawyer last year’s bronze.In addition to medals, points in the World Cup classification are also included in the game, MS results are counted as the regular races of the Crystal Globe series. The excellent results from the mixed rehearses woke them up

“It would not be a bad thing to repeat the medal joy again,” said Milan Gašperčík, the interviewer for SITA, optimistically and continued: “The excellent result from the quarterly mixed stadiums has all taught us . It turned out to be important in the biathlon the exact shooting. I believe our representatives are well prepared.If you score a’nulu’ have a chance to very good results. “

The venue of the championship in the Slovak expedition only four men – Anastasia Kuzminová, Janka Gereková, Martina Chrapánová and junior Paulína Fialková, but only five men – Pavol Hurajt, Matej Kazár, Miroslav Matiaško, Dušan Šimočko and Martin Otčenáš. Within one race each country to build up a quartet of riders.

“At the start it reaches the youngest Martin Otčenáš, bet on experience. Waiting power from men to limit their momentary possibilities. Women are the ambitions understandably higher.Medals, however, can not plan, but certainly not think even we, “indicating their expectations Slovak head coach of the team. Spring weather

A new feature in the draw is a division of runners up to five performance groups in the World Cup are the only four.

“In the first two may be competitors who are on the fiftieth place in the current ranking of the World Cup. For us, this means that there can deploy Anastasiya Kuzmina a Janku Gereková. In the third and fourth group are those who have scored in the World Cup, so in our case Palo Hurajt, Maťo Kazár and Dušan Šimočko. The fifth will Miro Matiaško, Martina Chrapánová Paulino Fialková.Evidently there is an effort to favor further favorites, “explained Milan Gašperčík.

Ruhpolding ruled on Friday already spring weather. “The sun shines, the heat on the way to the area in the morning the thermometer in my car showing nine and a half degrees. I suppose it goes through ten. In the morning the track is relatively hard, but in the afternoon it turns into mush. Athletes with higher starting numbers it will be extremely difficult, “added acumen chief helmsman Slovak national team.

Even on Friday in the lobbies still resonated Thursday’s mixed race Relay.Arbitration jury after a seldom-seen equipment failure at the shooting range had to change the results and Slovenes, who caught up to the target first, eventually only the silver medal. “The race of such caliber should it decide not happen. It’s a decent disgrace and shame organizers. What you can only envy the contrary, the atmosphere, which is created by the fans in the stands and along the track. They succumbed to her but also some experienced guys like Frenchman Simon Fourcade and Arnd Peiffer home. I expect that over the weekend it will be even more turmoil, “concluded Milan Gašperčík. The race for the weekend MS:

3rdof March (Saturday):

Sprint men’s 10km (12.30), Sprint women’s 7.5km (15.30)

4th of March (Sunday):

Pursuit men’s 12.5 kilometers (13.15) Pursuit Women’s 10 km (16.00)

Overview medalists location and Slovak representatives in speed and fighter race at last year’s world championships in biathlon in Russia’s Khanty-Mansiisk:

Sprint men’s 10 km:

the first Arnd Peiffer (Nem.) 24: 34.0 min (1 criminal circuit), 2. Martin Fourcade (FRA) to +13.0 (2), 3. Tarjei Bo (NOR.) +25.2 (1) ,…78 Matej Kazár +3: 25.2 (5), 88 Dušan Šimočko +3: 52.5 (4), Miroslav 90 Matiaško +3: 54.9 (3), 96thPavol Hurajt (all SR) +4: 31.3 (5)

Sprint women’s 7.5 km:

The first Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 20: 31.2 min (0 penalty laps), 2. Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) +12.2 s (0), 3. Anastasia Kuzminová +40.0 (1),…17. Janka Gereková + 1: 51.0 (1), 75. Martina Chrapánová + 4: 33.8 (4) 92 + 6 Martina Halinárová: 09,6 (5), 99 Natália Prekopová (all SR) +7: 39.7 (5)

Pursuit men’s 12.5 km:

the first Martin Fourcade (France) 33: 02,6 min (3 penalty areas), 2. Svendsen (NOR.) + 3.8 s (2), third Tarjei Bo (NOR.) + 5.2 (2 )…Slovakia in the race not represented

Pursuit women’s 10 km:

the firstKaisa Makarainen (FIN.) 30: 00.1 min (0 penalty laps), 2. Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) With +21.6 (2) 3. Helena Ekholmová (Sweden.) +1: 43.6 ( 0),…6 Anastasia Kuzminová (SR) +2: 59.9 (6), 8 Janka Gereková (SR) +3: 15.7 (3)

the order of the SP 19 races out of 26 planned:

Men: 1. Martin Fourcade (FRA) 774 points, 2. Svendsen (NOR.) 753, 3. Andreas Birnbacher (Nem.) 607, 4. Simon Fourcade (FRA) 530, 5. Benjamin Weger (CHE.) 506, 6. Andrei Makoveev (Rus.) 488…61. Matej Kazár 42, 72. Dušan Šimočko 24, 80. 18, 84. Pavol Hurajt (all SR) 17

WOMEN 1. Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 930 points 2. Darya Domracheva (BLR.) 891, 3. Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) 793 4.Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) 758, 5 Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 752, 6 Helena Ekholmová (Nor.) 666,…9 Anastasia Kuzminová (SR) 526, 35. Janka Gereková (SR) 156

the order of evaluation of individual disciplines (small Crystal globe):

Sprint (after eight of ten planned):

Men: 1. Martin Fourcade (FRA) 303 pts 2 Svendsen (NOR.) 284 3. Andrey Makoveev (Rus.) 230, 4. Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS.) 218, 5 Benjamin Weger (CHE.) 213, 6 Arnd Peiffer (Nem .) 212…64. Dušan Šimočko 24, 74. Matej Kazár 18, 75. Pavol Hurajt (all SR) 17

WOMEN 1. Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 451 points 2. Darya Domracheva (BLR.) 369 3.Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) 344 4 Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) 309, 5 Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 299, 6 Viluchinová Olga (Rus.) 240,…10 Anastasia Kuzminová (SR) 221, 23. Janka Gereková (SR) 102

Pursuit (in six of the eight scheduled):

ATP: 1. Martin Fourcade (France) 264 pts 2 Svendsen (NOR.) 260, 3. Ole Einar Björndalen (NOR.) 225, 4. Benjamin Weger (CHE.) 205, 5. Andreas Birnbacher (Nem.) 183, 6. Tarjei Bo (NOR.) 181…54. Matej Kazár (SR) 24

Women 1 Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 278 points 2. Oľga Zajcevová (RUS.) 277, 3 Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 275 4. Darya Domracheva (BLR.) 272, 5. Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) 255 6.Helena Ekholmová (Nor.) 225,…11 Anastasia Kuzminová (SR) 148, 34. Janka Gereková (SR) 44