Kyrgios beat Federer. He deserves recognition, says Swiss

MADRID. Swiss tennis player Roger Federer last week in Istanbul, won his first clay title in nearly three years. A fourfold to spot valuable tournament in Madrid mishandled soon his first match.

Against twenty years Australians Nick Kyrgios had on Wednesday in the second round two mečbaly of income. Finally, the lost 2:37 hours just 7: 6 (2), 6: 7 (5), 6: 7 (12).

Fearless young man reached his second triumph over some of the members of the Top 10. Last year at Wimbledon surprised Spaniard Rafaela Nadala.

The best sixteen in the area Caja Mágica Thursday prompts American John Isner. “Before the match I did not feel nervous or something similar.I was excited about this opportunity, “he said. Splicing of the match between Federer and Kyrgios.

” I knew on clay I play well currently. I therefore take it as a solid chance. I stayed with my game. Well I have served and finished it triumphantly, “said the website of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

The Australian became after Mario Ancic, Tomas Berdych, Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin Del Potro fifth tennis player, who defeated Nadal Federer also aged twenty years or less.

“I do not deny that I have dealt with the vision of the finish line, which are alternatively maybe not a good setup – especially against Roger. Tends to benefit from that, “acknowledged Kyrgios, which occupies the 35thplace in the rankings. Scored 22 aces, Federer sixteen.

Last week in the Portuguese Estoril was in its final premiere at the main professional circuit. In he was not enough to Frenchman Richarda Gasqueta.

Tridsaťtriročný Federer succumbed to 20-year-old or younger rivals for the first time since the US Open final 2009. Then he beat Argentine Del Potro.

“My basic problem was that I could not his first good return service. At reception it from me was catastrophic,” admitted Federer. At that point, the efficiency of only 18 of the 85 balls.

“I am very disappointed in this. It is this factor has in my opinion, prepared for victory.The opponent, however, deserves recognition for that is his service so flourished and persisted in what they showed off. “

The Basel native has against players born in the 90s of last century balance of 26: third victory over also Federico Delbonis and Milos Raonic. #Kyrgios “nothing to be nervous about. Just another tennis match…chance to have fun and play the sport you put so many hours into a day. “- Australian Open (@AustralianOpen) May 6, 2015

” Nick has a wonderful and good administration potential. I hope therefore that it will work hard and compete for the top position, “Federer said.

” He loves significant scene. Have nothing to lose, it does not show fear and has a great game.To a large extent it can rely on its service, which keeps him in the match, regardless of how he was doing from the baseline. “

Swiss in Madrid celebrated the trophy in seasons 2006, 2009 and 2012 in the first case, even on a hard surface.