Lendl’s return helped! Murray smashed Raonice and took control of Wimbledon for the second time

British tennis player Andy Murray triumphed for the second time in a career in Wimbledon. The second player in the world defeated Milano Raonic 6: 4, 7: 6 and 7: 6 in the Canadian final today, and just as he had dominated the tournament with the help of Czech legend Ivan Lendl three years ago.

Twenty-nine Scottish native scored third grandslam title. In addition to two Wimbledon victories, he was able to win the US Open 2012. Three triumphs of the big four tournaments were compared to Jan Kodeš, among others.

“This is the most important tournament every year for me. But today I played really well, “said Murray in taking over the trophy.

Tomas Berdych, the semi-final defector in the title duel, dominated thanks to a great move, an almost flawless game and a famed return.Serving him at a speed of up to 230 km / h, he allowed Raonic only eight es, with a Canadian average of 25 uninfitable match-ups before the finals.

In the first set, Murray broke his opponents’ seventh play, Since he was not threatened by himself, he had a set in his pocket. In the other, Murray had four brejkboli, but neither of them took advantage and decided to tie-break by 7: 3. “Yes!” He shouted with a clenched fist, and the audacity of the center stormed.

Only in the third set came Raonic’s chances. Under the 2: 2, he had his first and last two bouts in the match, but Murray showed his strength. The submission was retained and decided again in a shortened game. He quickly led 5: 0 and headed for a triumph.

However, his coach Lendl traditionally sat in a boxing squad without moving his head.Murray eventually turned the second mechbol and after his 40th winning season season, he cried out on the bench.

“When I won here for the first time in 2013, it was such a relief after all the stress and pressure that I did not have a chance To enjoy it, “said Murray after the first grandslam title in the role of husband and father. “I will definitely enjoy it now,” he added.

The British tennis player played the eleventh Grand Slam final in his career, while the sixth Raonic deployed in him for the first time. “I hope I’ll be back soon,” said a 25-year-old Canadian who eliminated the seven-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer in the semifinal.

“I made the most of it, I wanted to get him under pressure but he played a lot from the baseline better than me.I played with him in a balanced way, but in important moments I just could not play better, “added a native of Montenegro Podgorica.

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Murray (2-Brit.) – Raonic (6-Kan.) 6: 4, 7: 6 : 3), 7: 6 (7: 2)