Will the silver come from Beijing? Russian opponent Spotakova was supposed to do it

Among the 14 Russian athletes, where the new test results from the Olympic Games in Beijing revealed the use of doping, according to Russian media, the sharpshooter Maria Abakumov. Now a thirty-year-old athlete eight years ago in the dramatic final battle lost to Barbora Špotáková and won a silver medal. The medal in Beijing has won ten of the fourteen athletes who are now threatened with disqualification.

When doping Abakumov is confirmed, the 2011 World Champion will lose its only Olympic medal. The second place behind Spotakova, who beat the Russian rival with the last throw of 71.42 meters long, will be the German Christina Obergföll.Bronze falls to Britney Goldie Sayers.

The Russian Olympic Committee has confirmed that it has received information from the International Olympic Committee on the positive result of 14 re-tested samples. However, the names of the athletes will not officially be notified until the B samples have been analyzed and the disciplinary proceedings are not started.It should be at the beginning of June.

According to Russian media, positive doping finds were not only Abakumov and skier Anastasija Kapačinská, Taťjana Firovová (both silver from the 4x400m relay), Julia Čermosanská (gold from the relay at 4x100m) , Jekatrina Volkovova (bronze at 3000 m hurdles), Inga Abitov, runner Denis Alexejev (bronze from 4×400 m relay), pedestrian Denis Nižegorodov (bronze at 50 km), height Anna Kicerova (bronze), struts Marija Šainovová (silver) Nadezhda Jevtuuchinova (Bronze), sweeper Ivan Yushkov, decree Alexandar Pogorelov and rookie Alexandr Kornilov.

The IOC has, using more advanced methods, tested 454 preserved samples from Beijing.The aim of the new check was athletes who are likely to be taking part in the August Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

For Russian sport, it is another doping scandal in a short time. Last November, Russia was excluded from international athletic competitions due to the extensive violation of the Anti-Doping Code, its representatives, for example, attended the March Hall of the World Championships in Portland and threatened to not participate in the games in Rio. The leadership of Russian athletics is committed to meeting a number of reform points and the IAAF twenty-member council, headed by President Sebastian Co, should decide on June 17th to suspend the suspension.